Abacus + Salesforce®

Combine your Salesforce and Expense Data for Powerful Business Insights

Salesforce is the leading cloud platform for managing prospect and customer information. It is the home of millions of organizations' customer lists, business opportunities, campaign information and much more. The Abacus integration lets customers tap into this source of data to provide more context to employee expenses, while maintaining consistency across their business platforms.

All expenses in Abacus are individually categorized, which allows us to tag each expense with multiple data points. These tags can then be used to create custom views and reports of company expenses. The integration makes it easy to keep customer and prospect tags in Abacus up-to-date and accurate. They can also be mapped to custom fields in your accounting software and directly synced from Abacus.

How does it work?

Abacus ingests Account, Opportunity and Campaign data from Salesforce and maps the values to custom expense fields
Create rules to determine who can use these fields and which values are available to them when tagging an expense
Map these custom fields in your accounting software and we will sync in the values associated with each expense

What can you do with this integration?

By integrating your Salesforce data into Abacus to tag expenses, you’ll be able to get more accurate reporting on:

Customer Acquisition Costs - report on total expenses spent to win an opportunity or prospective client.
Return on Investment Reporting - attribute expenses to events to get the whole picture of spend, or track client relationship spend versus the revenue generated for in-depth ROI reporting.
Billable and Project Expenses - report on expenses for specific clients or projects to learn about spend trends and create reports to easily bill back expenses.