Emburse Cards

Card Issuing with Abacus

Abacus offers Emburse Cards to allow organizations to issue virtual and physical cards, giving companies real time, end-to-end control over employee expenses from the point of sale through reconciliation.

Why Emburse Cards For Abacus?

Expense reporting app Expense reporting app Expense reporting app Expense reporting app

Control spend with pre-set budgets and approval processes.

Make business travel easier by issuing a virtual or physical credit card that draws from company funds.

Easily validate transactions at point of sale.

Capture receipt and expense details in real time for immediate reconciliation.

Take Control of Expenses

Configure rules and budgets to control spending

  • Automatically enforce a daily, weekly, or monthly spend limit, as well as restrictions on the dates a card can be used.
  • Card spend can be limited to merchant categories or even specific vendors, eliminating the risk of out-of-policy spend.
  • Set policies to prompt the employee to add a receipt and required expense details immediately after a purchase is made.

Real time data for strategic insights

  • Spend is visible the moment a card is swiped, allowing for real time budget visibility and adjustments.
  • Leverage Insights to further analyze card spend by user, category, project, client, and more.

Direct Accounting Sync

Continuously sync expenses in either cash or accrual method directly into QuickBooks, Intacct, NetSuite, or Xero. For businesses with custom ERPs, use our CSV template builder to export data exactly how you need it.

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Card Features Designed to Make Expenses Easier

Enforce Rules at Point of Sale

Automate rules for where, when and how much an employee can spend and prevent purchases that do not meet the policy.
Automated Expense Reconciliation

Immediately after a purchase is made, a notification is sent to the employee to add a receipt and complete the expense. Transactions can follow approval routes or auto-approve based on custom workflows.
Comprehensive Fraud Protection

With real time fraud detection, admins will get a notification immediately if something doesn’t look right. Charges can be disputed directly on the transactions report without having to call in. Plus, with our one-click on/off features, any card can be deactivated at any time.
Real Time Insights

Administrators can see all employee spending as soon as they swipe their card and can adjust budgets around them. Unlike other expense management software, admins will also be able to see a transaction’s pending status even before it fully posts.
Spend with Mobile Wallets

Add both virtual and physical Emburse Cards to mobile wallets for easy spend access. Deactivating a card will instantly cancel the card in any mobile wallet.
Get Cash Back

Impact the bottom line each time a card is used. Receive a percentage of cash back based on eligible transaction volume.
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