Abacus + Lyft

Send work-related ride information from Lyft directly into Abacus

Abacus has teamed up with Lyft to give riders a simple, automated way to expense their trips.

When riders use their Lyft Business Profile to travel, they can have ride information automatically sent to Abacus. Once their trip is finished, an expense with the receipt attached and note pre-filled will be created. All you have to do is hit submit.

Never forget to submit your ride again

Work-related Lyft rides are automatically sent to Abacus where an expense is created. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to submit.

Whether you have a corporate card or are paying for your Lyft out of pocket, expensing your ride has never been easier. Abacus will match the ride information to your card transaction and if you need a reimbursement, will directly deposit to your bank account in 2 business days once approved.

Review expenses with confidence

Because ride data comes straight from Lyft, you can be confident that it is complete and accurate, making reviewing expenses fast and simple.

Want to create a Lyft Business Profile? Sign Up or visit Lyft's help page.