What is Real Time Expense Reporting?

A method of expense reporting that automatically captures and organizes a continuous flow of expense data. It’s expense reporting reimagined for today’s technology.

Move Beyond Expense Reports

Real time expenses flow into dynamic Saved Filters, speeding up review and approval.

Automated controls prevent policy violations, surface anomalies, and keep every expense compliant.

Integrate multiple sources of data to automatically suggest expenses that are accurate, complete, and timely.

Less than 0.5%

of submitted expenses are denied.


Faster review than traditional expense reports.

Faster Submission, Review and Reimbursement

More Efficient at Every Stage


Save Receipts Manual/CSV Approver 1 Missing info Out of policy Final approver Approver 2 Fill out report Add to payroll Data correction 1 month Reconciliation Submission Approval Transaction


Reconciliation Expense drafted & policy applied Auto-sync & next-day direct deposit Approval routing Submission Approval Transaction

Calculate the ROI of Real Time Expense Reporting

See how much review time you’ll save compared to expense reports.

Get More Efficient With Real Time

Put every expense in front of the right people

Routing rules send every expense to the proper set of approvers, automatically. Every manager sees only the expenses they need to approve.

Organize expenses into Saved Filters

Instead of reviewing expenses in static bundles, you can review custom reports that are searchable, sortable, and contextual.

Speed up corporate card reconciliation

A real time view of corporate card transactions helps you manage your card spend throughout the month.

Drill deeper into your spending

Granular data means you can analyze spending by project, client, cost center, or any other tracked data in real time.