Real Time
Expense Reporting

Abacus is the easiest way for you to automate how you reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards, and implement your expense policy.

Abacus Expense Platform
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Turn Expense Reports Into a Strategic Resource

Strategic Expense Reports

Be confident in your decisions

Accurate, real time information helps you make more confident decisions when approving expenses, or analyzing company spend, budgets, and return on investment.

Give expenses the time they deserve,
not more

Increase your efficiency by focusing your time on expenses with exceptions. Abacus separates out expenses that violate policy, are approaching budget, contain errors, or are potentially fraudulent.

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Efficient Expense Reporting

The Most Efficient Way To Manage Expenses

Credit Card Transaction
Capture accurate expense data from employees

Abacus drafts expenses using reliable data sources such as receipts and card transactions to ensure records are complete and accurate.

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Expense Policy
Automate your expense policy and approval hierarchy

Policy rules are applied before expenses are submitted to prevent violations. Routing rules then automatically send the expense to the best matched approver.

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Strategic Insights
Instant visibility into spending and budgets

Build custom reports with real time data to help you identify trends and manage budgets.

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“We don’t have time for inefficiencies, so anything that helps me focus on the important moving pieces and reduces noise is critical. Abacus helps me do that by letting me quickly review standard expenses within budget and flagging which are out of the ordinary that I need to dig into deeper.”

Daniel Kan, Chief Operating Officer at Cruise

"My employees love the simplicity and ease of the system. As an administrator, I love the functionality of seeing expenses in real time."

Matt Hagel, Controller at Bark & Co.

“Abacus fulfills two requirements that help us make our expense reporting more efficient - a simple interface that helps our employees submit accurate expenses in real time, and powerful rule-based automation that we can customize to our policy so expenses are auto-approved or sent to the best person to review and approve.”

Daniel Niccum, CFO, North American Substation Services

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